Welcome to our 2024 Sugar Shack/cabane à sucre 2024

We can now take bookings for Sugar Shack 2024!

403-312-6462 / bandits@authenticwestern.com

To raise the level of awareness and appreciation of Eastern Canadian history and culture in Western Canada, the Wild Wild West Event Centre has organized a Maple Sugar Program for the benefit of Calgary and area students.

We offer 2 options:

  1. Come to The Wild Wild West Event Centre for the full program as described below
  2. Or we come to your school or venue with our Sugar Shack Trailer for Maple Taffy on Snow (crushed ice), photo below.

Over the past 17 years, we have produced a very popular Sugar Shack / Maple Sugar Program, or Cabane à Sucre.

The In-House Program includes:

  • Short bilingual educational video of the history and manufacturing process of maple syrup.
  • A traditional meal of sausages, pancakes, beans, scrambled eggs,  hash browns, with maple syrup.
    (Note: If anyone has particular allergies or dietary concerns, please let us know ahead of your booked date.)
  • After the meal, the children are treated to the talents of the world renowned duo, Folklofolie, André  Varin and Marie-Claude Gagnon, from Gatineau, Québec, who regale them with French Canadian folklore music in both French and English. Students are invited on stage to sample traditional music, dances, and of course, the spoons!
  • Following the music, we have fun outdoor activities available for the children to do at their own pace.
  • These activities, run by the parent volunteers and teachers,* include horse – drawn wagon rides (parent or teacher to be on each tour), three person team plank races (someone will be available to show the volunteers how to organize),  Tug of War, Dog Sled Challenge (no dogs involved), Sack Race and, of course, the Maple Taffy on Snow!
  • 2020 was the 14th year for our Sugar Shack and we have had upwards of 2000 students each year over a two week period. We can accommodate up to 150 students per day at a time.
  • The hours are from 11:15am to 2pm. The cost is $24.95 (includes GST) per person for groups.
    *In the following cases and circumstances, a predetermined number of teachers and volunteers will not be required to pay, if they will be manning the activities.
  • A one teacher or volunteer to twenty children ratio is in effect. To keep our costs in line and to not have to increase our prices to a large degree, we do ask that you limit your teacher or volunteer total to one teacher or volunteer per 20 students.
  • More are welcome on a reduced pay per meal price, if they intend to help out, if not, the full meal cost is in effect.

TREATS AVAILABLE for Sale: Depending on Supplier Availability

  • First Maple Taffy on Snow – free
  • Extra Maple Taffy on Snow – $3.00 each.
  • Snow Cones – $2.00 each
  • Please give us a call to book or for more info: (403) 312-6462
    or e-mail us at bandits@authenticwestern.com

Bow Valley Students Review Sugar Shack at the Wild Wild West Event Centre:


We invite you to check out our “Mobile Sugar Shack”
for Outdoor Festivals, Schools, etc.

We have 2 options:

  1. We can come to your school or venue and serve inside, using your kitchen to cook the taffy.
  2. Or we can bring our Sugar Shack Trailer (pictured above & below) to cook and serve outside. Available electricity for our trailer will be required.

We can come to your venue and make it happen inside.
(In both cases, we will need to have access to onsite power.)
We are delighted to offer this delicious and
Authentic Maple Sugar/Taffy on Snow,
sharing one of the many cultural tastes of Quebec.

We come totally equipped to serve as many
as you require.


1 Maple Taffy on a Stick each for up to 150 people
– $750.00 + GST
After serving the 150 persons the
cost is an additional $3.00 per stick + GST


Québecois Duo Folklofolie – 1 show or
2 shows, when available, please contact for pricing.

• Volunteer Led Outdoor Games – $400.00 +GST
includes all equipment:
Three Person Plank Race, Tug of War,
Sack Race, Dog Sled Challenge.

Pour information en français:

Cabane à sucre French Newsletter 2023